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Love this... Love the music. And the way you put it together with the flash is brilliant. Love the series:) Look forward to many more:)


Awesome animation, great artwork, well chosen music! This is amazing! I really dont know what you could have done better! Cant wait for the next episodes!

Good idead but...

It was a good idea... but the drawing isnt top quality. And the animation is very... how shall i say this without offending you. Well it kinda sucks. I didnt really understand what was going on. His nubs(hands im assuming) tried to grab things or something. Not sure. Anyways, better animation is required.

ob3yyy responds:

mkay. i guess i need to take more time on it when i redo it. thanks a ton for the advice. =]

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Black cloud and Silver Linings? Totally a Dream Theater Album. Maybe similar to Trial, Error, and Silver Linings? Anyways,

Quite enjoy this song. Love when you get to put some grove in your riffs. I didn't notice the clipping. But it does seem that your drums are ridic loud.

Favorite part, 1:06. Right after the heaviness and build up!!! Then, let me grove on my guitar and have a groovy drum beat. The next transition i feel is not quite as smooth. Although the next section is after that little bit is heavy as fuck. Breakdown! And then it dies off...

Your shit could be extended! As most of your WIPs i guess. But love what you have done with this.

Burn7 responds:

FUCK YEAH! I love the 1:06 part, I want to just write music like that all the time, just groove forever. But I'm not quite that good yet. I need to work on my grooviness skills. Maybe I should play bass lolol...

We seriously need to jam soon or I'm going to die. We can either set up at your parent's place or my pa's new house cause his neighbors need to know who they're fucking with :3

I really like the buildup at the beginning, with the guitar riff building along with the drums. And then the drivingness of the next part is great. Into a pretty sweet little chorus-y riff.

Always love your soloing. Doesn't always have to be a crazy speedy solo, you always seem to deliver. The weirdness of this solo fits in quite well i feel with this song.

I feel like the drums could use a little spice in a few places. But as I know you probably eventually will, if you ever get back to this song. It also could be continued on in a few different ways. Sorta ends abruptly.

Like the song though. Nice addition to this months medly.

Burn7 responds:

Haha, thanks for the feedback man! It seems like I get less and less of this nowadays, honest feedback I mean.

The drums are pretty lacking, I wish I had more time for each song. But quantity > quality for this month D:

Just a straight up comparison to the first, it is in insane improvement. The mixing/mastering and placement of each drum piece, each guitar, and the bass are greatly improved. The first, the drums and bass guitar were very muddled and awfully heavy. This, the guitars are much cleaner and clearer. Each drums pieces is very distinguishable from the other, snare and kick particularly.

Great improvement made to about :35. Nice effect/addition there to fill in the emptiness that was there before. Also deeper drums help too. Right after, at about 1:05, the crazy drums, also great improvement from the original.

1:25, personally, I like the original better. It has a more "lully", dont know how else to describe it, feeling of just the guitars with minimal drums. I like the fullness that you put into the drums of the new one, just kinda liked the original.

Solo at 1:46, also like the original better. The old solo, the speediness, the specific rhythm pattern and usage, is just very your style. Possibly older style, maybe the new style is better? Plus the new solo continues the song, so... guess its better. But the solo does end, sorta abruptly.

But love the next sections rhythm pattern. The harmony is awesome. Plus, the great drumming to go in the back.

The panning of the guitars, for the next section, is always nice.

3:27, this is the great solo from the original that i was talking about. Then its breaks down into an awesome rhythm. And the drumming is ever-changing and so awesome! Lol with the random insane drum part that you always do.

I like the choice to bring it back to that original solo patterning to end with. And then it has that effect, and brings it back again. Its a nice little, loopty. Thats what i'm going to call it.

Anyways... hell of long review. Can't wait to hear the next additions:) Great song as always.

Burn7 responds:

FUCK YES. I miss the days when you used to review my shit all-in depth and specific like this. It was insanely helpful.

I love you


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